Clan Douglas Homestead

2024 marked an adventure of a lifetime for our family.  Monday July 8th our youngest daughter and I woke up early pick up our first Shetland sheep from a wonderful family in Kentucky at Red Barn Wool.  We were super excited as we picked out a Black, Brown, and White colored lambs.  We quickly made inquiries if we could buy more while we were there.



As we arrived back to our small homestead and put the lambs out to pasture, we quickly realized the video’s on installing an electric fence were not geared toward sheep.  We were able to get the brown and white lambs into our chicken coop area, but the black sheep of the family decided on another course of action.  She quickly crossed our busy road, starting her trip through neighboring yards to the road behind them.  At the time of writing this, four days into her escape, she has been taking up residence at an old farmhouse and seen following the herds of cattle through their pasture.  This elusive lamb has proven to be very difficult to catch.



We look forward to growing our flock in the future and start producing 100% wool from our Shetland sheep here in the United States. Follow our growth for on our Instagram and