Born and raised in the Northeast of the United States, I grew up having handmade garments from my grandmother.  She originally taught me how to knit, although I didn’t take much interest in it at the time. I always had an artistic background, drawing and painting. I entered my career in the Information Technology industry and my passion for artistic endeavors was put on hold.

In 2020, I started to revisit my artistic background as I was now working 100% remotely. It is very exciting to be around my wife, two daughters, and three dogs all day long. The extra time not commuting allowed me to get reinterested in artistic activities.

In 2023 I joined Dittopatterns as the Head of Information Technology. This threw me into the garment industry and I decided to pickup knitting. I have applied my artistic talents and Scottish heritage to producing Shetland wool, garments, and knitwear accessories.